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To All COMP1000 Students

Don't register for MYItLab until your instructor has spoken to you, doing so may be hazardous to your overall grade.

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Welcome to Personal Computer Applications at Auburn University

Behind the scenes, there is a staff of people who want to make this course a successful learning experience for you. Computers and the Internet play an essential role in every aspect of daily living, in the workplace, at home, in the classroom, for entertainment, saving lives, and exploring new galaxies. The purpose of these courses is to help you learn more about computers and the Internet and WWW, how to use the upgraded applications of the Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, SharePoint), how to design and maintain Web Sites using the more advanced futures of Microsoft Office 2016. Prentice Hall, a leading Publishing Company for Information Technology Courses, is the provider of the Courses' custom text book, Web Based Training and Skill Assessment application for Microsoft Office 2016 and other student and instructor resources we will be using in class. The Course Web Site and Canvas are the main and official source of class information. The Course Syllabus, Exam and Quiz Schedule, Lab Assignments Schedule, Grades, Student Resources, and any other course related information that may be useful to you and all Auburn students will be posted here.

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