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Taking COMP1000 exams

COMP1000 Exams are skills-based using MYITLab.  Click here to learn more about the MyITLab Exams.

Need help studying for exams?

Working diligently on the course MyITLab Assisgnments is the best way to prepare for the course MyItLab exams.

Setting up Lockdown Exams

Install steps 1 & 2 Install steps 3 & 4

Before using this guide please ensure that you are in the "Build" tab and viewing the Assessment page.

  1. To secure an exam start by clicking the "Icon" next to its name
  2. Click the "Edit Properties" link in the resulting popup
  3. Open the "Security" link and make sure that "Browser Restriction" is checked
  4. Press the "Save" button


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Download link, PC & Mac