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To All COMP1000 Students

Don't register for MYItLab until your instructor has spoken to you, doing so may be hazardous to your overall grade.

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Summer 2007


Selected children enrolled in 2007 Summer Computer Literacy Program will travel to the McWane Center, Birmingham on Wednesday, June 27th and participate in an unique Computer Science Unplugged Show for Children. This event is sponsored by Auburn University Computer Science and Software Engineering Department, Communication Disorder Department,   AccessComputing, and UAB. Read More

An e-mail notification was sent on Thursday, May 31st to parents of children enrolled for the 2007 Summer Computer Literacy Program.  A wait list will be also kept.

An e-mail notification was sent on Friday, May 11th to parents of children accepted for the 2007 Summer Computer Literacy Program.  A wait list will be also kept.

Due to an overwhelming demand (we have already over 80 students registered and will be able to accept only 20) the Registration is now CLOSED. An Auburn University Release Form will be filled up and signed only by children  accepted to COMP CAMP 2007.

Auburn University is offering a Computer Literacy Academy for children. Auburn University employees' children and children with disabilities are encouraged to enroll in this summer program. The purpose of this program is to help children learn about computers and the Internet, how to browse, navigate and search the World Wide Web (WWW), how to use the Microsoft Office 2003 suite applications (Word, Excel, Power Point), how to design and publish a personal Web page using Microsoft FrontPage 2003, and how to program computers using cutting edge educational technology interactive applications such as Alice(http://www.alice.org) and Lego Mindstorms (http://mindstorms.lego.com/eng/default.aspx), Microsoft Interactive Educational Software Applications, Computer Software and Hardware designed for special needs children.

The Computer Literacy Academy is held between June 12th and June 28th, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Computer Science and Software Engineering Personal Computers Lab, Shop Building 101.  The program is taught by Auburn University senior graduate students supervised by two AU faculty members, Dr. Daniela Marghitu (Daniela.Marghitu@auburn.edu) and Mrs. Elizabeth Zylla-Jones (zyllael@auburn.edu).  For any general question about the program, contact Dr. Daniela Marghitu and, for any question about children with special needs, contact Mrs. Elizabeth Zylla-Jones.

There is no fee for this program, but enrollment is limited to 20 (twenty) children.  Children will be admitted to the program on a first come first serve basis.  The registration documents will be soon available online and need to be submitted on or before Thursday May 31st.