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Test Information

Computer Competency Test Information

The Computer Competency Test is treated as a regular academic course (COMP1@@0) and you will register using Banner. It is offered in Fall and Spring semesters.

The test, which is taken online using MyITLab(http://www.myitlab.com), consists of questions covering the COMP1000 Personal Computer Applications course material (Windows 10, MS Office 2016, SharePoint 20103). If COMP1000 is required in your major, either as a formal part of the curriculum or as a prerequisite and you think you may already know this material, you should consider taking the COMP1@@0 Computer Competency Test. If you decide to take the Computer Competency Test, schedule it in the semester prior to the term in which you need to complete COMP1000.

  1. Registration is required to take the Computer Competency Test. You may register for the test through Auburn University’s Student Registration System (Banner) either by telephone or by the computer as you do for all other classes at Auburn University.
  2. You may take the Computer Competency Test only once. Although you will receive no credit hours, if you pass the test with 70% or higher, you will be exempted from taking COMP1000. The test is graded either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory and this grade becomes part of your permanent transcript. You can only receive credit for the course (2 semester hours) if you actually take the course and pass it.
  3. You may register for only one test time (one-course section) during the semester. If you find that you cannot take the test on that date, you must drop the course (as you would any other course) before mid-term. If you fail to drop the course, COMP1@@0, and do not take the test on your scheduled date, you will receive a grade of Unsatisfactory which becomes part of your permanent transcript. This means you are not eligible to reschedule the test and will need to take COMP1000. The dates and times of the test are listed in the test section offerings in Banner.  For any further questions you may have about COMP1@@0 registration, please contact your academic student advisor.
  4. The tests begin promptly on the hour and are 50 minutes in length. The lab will be closed once the tests begin and no one will be admitted until 50 minutes have passed. You should arrive ten minutes before your registered time and have with you a photo identification card. You will be required to provide your IT User ID and Password, so if you do not have one, you should follow University policies to acquire one prior to the test day.
  5. Before attending the Computer Competency Test, if you haven't yet done so, please establish your Windows Domain password. To establish a password for your
    Auburn Domain User ID, you will need to access the Auburn University Password Page at https://oitapps.auburn.edu/Password/pgPassword.aspx and follow the very easy included instructions. It will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes for the password change to take effect.
  6. All testing will take place in the Shelby Technology Center 2205. Students must attend the time for which they are registered