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Notice: 60% rule

For COMP1000 & 1003, an assignment average below 60% will result in an FA in the course.

Excerpt from the syllabus.

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Vision Problems?

Most browsers today have built in visibility tools.  For internet explorer 7 & firefox the following keys will make pages shrink or grow.

Keys Explanation
CTRL + + Zoom In
CTRL + - Zoom Out

To manually adjust the font size use the following links, larger font  | smaller font  | reset fonts

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This site allows for the following, disabling advertisements and flash intregration.  Disabling ads will remove the ads from the left hand side.  Disabling flash intregration will remove the homepage flash images.  The choices below will set a cookie on your machine that will let the site know when to disable content.  The cookie only keeps track of what content to disable and personal information is not stored.  The site will still run with cookies disabled, but you will not be able to disable any content.

Flash Intregration: Enable | Disable

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Available Access keys

To use access keys in FireFox please use SHIFT + ALT + KEY

Key Description Explanation
P Go to Portal Section It's P for Portal
C Go to COMP1000 Section It's C for Comp
M Go to COMP1003 Section It's M for Comp
T Go to COMP1@@0 Test Section It's T for Test
I Go to IT MINOR Section It's I for IT
O Go to Outreach Section It's O for Outreach
H Go to Section Homepage It's H for Homepage