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Notice: 60% rule

For COMP1000 & 1003, an assignment average below 60% will result in an FA in the course.

Excerpt from the syllabus.

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Samba Shares

Automated Method

Please download and open this excel file

Old Method

To access your samba share plase follow these instructions.

1. Select a user name from the samba user reference list.

2. Open "My Computer" and type the following into the address bar, \\

Typing the address into my computer

3. When prompted type your user name and password, which will be provided by the instructor.

Image of shareable folders

4. To create a virtual hard drive of your share right click your folder and select Map Network Drive...

How to map a network drive

5. On the Map Netowrk Drive windows uncheck Reconnect at login and click finish.

Mapping settings